My Trip To Boston

I recently had a one day trip to Boston for my younger brother graduation. I knew beforehand that I would probably be really tired but I wanted to be there for support. So here's what happened: I left an event at a club on Miami Beach and I was rather drunk. That was about 2:30 … Continue reading My Trip To Boston



I know you are looking at the title like "huh" well I can explain. As quoted on the site: With every box, Amber Rose and her team at SlutBox curate an experience designed to empower, uplift, and educate. SlutBox is inclusive, so no matter how you identify or where you’re from, you belong. You don’t … Continue reading Slutbox

May’s Ipsy Bag

I decided to resubscribe to Ispy once more after discontinuing for about a year I believe. I receive this month's Ipsy bag. The little postcard that comes with really spoke to me. One sentence in particular where it says "Sometimes you need to get lost so you can find yourself". Lately, that's all I have … Continue reading May’s Ipsy Bag